101 Investment Lessons from the Wizards of Wall Street - Paperback

Author : Michael Sincere
Publisher : Jaico Publishing House (2008-09-29)
Paperback : 256 pages
ISBN 10 : 8179928284
Language : English
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ISBN: 9788179928288
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The Inside Secrets of the Most Trusted and Successful Investors on Wall Street. Everywhere you look someone is telling you how to invest your money. How to ride the bull market or anticipate the next correction. Everyone claims to have the answer. What should you believe 101 Investment Lessons from the Wizards of Wall Street. This is not a book for the investor who claims to know all there is to know. It's for the rest of us who need some basic do's and don'ts, such as, Invest in businesses you understand, assess your risk tolerance, don't try to time the market, always know how much money you can afford to lose, set a price goal for buying and selling, buy high. Sell higher, beware of stocks that get too much publicity.