101 Inspiring Stories (Marathi) - Paperback

Author : Xavier G F
Publisher : Jaico Books (2014)
Paperback : 187 pages
ISBN 10 : 8184955871
Language : Marathi
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ISBN: 9788184955873
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Now In Gujarati This fascinating book of M.V. Kamath helps to answer the most crucial question of existence "What is the meaning of death" Drawing from the wisdom of major religions and cultures of the East and West, he presents a clear, highly, informative study on the experience of Life and Death. Included are the thoughts and reflections of 55 famous men and women during their experience of dying, who tells us what we ought to know or intuite, that those who are well integrated die bravely, calmly and at peace with themselves. To mention a few names like Socrates, Madame Curie, Queen Elizabeth, Swami Vivekananda - these are people whose deaths tell us how to die.