1001 Beers: You Must Try Before You Die - Paperback

Author : Adrian Tierney-Jones
Publisher : Octopus Publishing Group (07-Oct-2013)
Paperback : 960 pages
ISBN 10 : 1844037657
Language : English
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ISBN: 9781844037650
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Beer is the most popular alcoholic drink in the world, the mostrefreshing, the most sociable, and the most versatile. It has beenbrewed since the dawn of time and still has the capacity to delight andobsess its many adherents.

This bewitching, thirst-inducing, gorgeouslyillustrated book is a guide to the best beers in the world with asuccinct history of the breweries, tasting notes, temperaturerecommendations, and what food to serve them with, together withentertaining anecdotes about the breweries. Here you will sample worldclassics such as the ales of England, the speciality beers of Belgium,the new wave beers of U.S. craft brewers, the magical lagers of Germanyand Central Europe, and a host of world beers that will beguile andbedazzle.

The reader might not drink all these beers in their lifetime,but after reading this book they will know which ones will be theirpersonal favorites.