1000 Decorative Designs from India CD-ROM and Book (Dover Pictorial Archive) - Paperback

Author : Devi Thapa
Publisher : Dover Publications Inc. (2007-01-01)
Paperback : 128 pages
ISBN 10 : 0486460401
Language : English
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ISBN: 9780486460406
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Throughout its rich history, diversity of design and form has been at the heart of India's arts and crafts. This gallery of illustrations showcases the finest examples of India's infinite decorative patterns and ornamental motifs -- 1,000 breathtaking designs spanning centuries of traditional craftsmanship. Discover vivid and strikingly varied embellishments from authentic sources: - sculpture - toys, dolls, and decorative pieces - woven and embroidered fabrics - ceramics - batik and wood block print - jewelry - floor and wall decoration - ivory inlay . . . and much more! Each royalty-free image has been meticulously reproduced and is poised to inspire an array of decorative and graphic ventures.