100 Ways to a Stress-Free Life - Paperback

Author : G. Gaynor McTigue
Publisher : Jaico Publishing House (2003-05-28)
Paperback : 100 pages
ISBN 10 : 8179921689
Language : English
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ISBN: 9788179921685
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Constant rushing, annoying clutter, over-scheduled days, sleepless nights, non-stop chores, activities, appointments, responsibilities, enough. Is all this really necessary Or are you simply making yourself crazy Now you can eliminate the needless stress that's robbing you of happiness and peace of mind and take back control of your life. Starting today, 100 Ways to a stress free life gives you 100 put-it-right-to-work strategies for untangling the chaos of our high-pressured culture and puts you on track to a saner, simpler, more enjoyable existence. You'll find practical tips and advice for un-complicating your home life, work, recreation, parenting, entertaining, finances, health, fitness, emotional well-being, community activities, shopping, travel and much more.