100 Things to Know and Debate Before You Vote - Paperback

Author : Hindol Sengupta
Publisher : Harper India (2014-02-25)
Paperback : 224 pages
ISBN 10 : 9351362213
Language : English
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ISBN: 9789351362210
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Why are we restless What is it that makes us dissatisfied Why is General Election 2014 part of every conversation What is it with the state of India that makes us so uneasy today Why are thousands dying without healthcare in India Why is our air unbreathable, our water poisoned What do our MPs see when they drive to work and what does that say about our democracy Why is our diplomacy so weak Ever thought about why 'family problems' caused more than 30,000 Indians to commit suicide last year What is slower - our Internet or our bureaucracy Here are 100 things to think about before you press that button in the critical election of 2014. This is the ultimate state-of-the-nation guide to make us think beyond the four letter acronyms that we have turned our national debate into. This is a call to action, a warning, an urging, a prodding, an appeal to give real issues a think before we vote.