100 Ideas for Primary Teachers: Outstanding Teaching (100 Ideas for Teachers) - Paperback

Author : Stephen Lockyer
Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing (15-Jan-2015)
Paperback : 128 pages
ISBN 10 : 1472913620
Language : English
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ISBN: 9781472913623
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Haunted by the fear of teaching the same lesson twice, Stephen Lockyer always makes sure he has lots of ideas up his sleeve! In this exciting debut book, this highly regarded primary teacher shares 100 of this very best.

The pressure to teach outstanding lessons and to be prepared for no noticed inspections can sometimes be a little overwhelming, but in this book Stephen's creativity and experience in the primary classroom shine through and he provides primary teachers with quick, practical and easy to implement ideas to help achieve outstanding teaching. His highly creative approach will also help you to create a positive, inspiring and exciting learning environment for every child.

Every idea includes step by step instructions, teaching tips for putting activities into practice and links to online resources and useful websites. From literacy initiatives like 'DEAR' ('Drop Everything And Read') and marking motivators like 'Microticks' to essential playground survival tips, this book is a compendium of originality that will consistently take your lessons that extra mile.