10 Secrets of a Great Marriage - Paperback

Author : Gerard Leeds
Publisher : Jaico Publishing House (2009-12-25)
Paperback : 212 pages
ISBN 10 : 8184950462
Language : English
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ISBN: 9788184950465
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10 Secrets of a Great Marriage is organized in 10 easy-to-follow chapters that highlight the essential elements of a happy and lasting marriage. Topics covered include how to be the right partner, how to date with purpose, how to juggle a growing family and how to deal with the "Big Six" six non-negotiable and important issues including religion (to practice or not to), children (how many - if any - to have), money (how to save and how to spend) and even recreation (how to enjoy time together). 10 Secrets of a Great Marriage is more than another trendy relationship book of the hour, it's a book meant for all couples, from the newly married to those celebrating their golden anniversary and beyond. From happy couples who want to make their good relationship great to frustrated couples who need a completely fresh perspective.