10 Rules of FG Around - Paperback

Author : Vicky Arora
Publisher : Srishti Publishers and Distributors (2015-04-10)
Paperback : 108 pages
ISBN 10 : 9382665366
Language : English
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ISBN: 9789382665366
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Ronnie is 18 and wants to hook up with as many hot chicks as possible. Since practice makes a man perfect, he practices every day with different partners or multiple partners. His philosophy: Footiyas will choke themselves with just one girl. Footiyas Oh, the guys who go to an ice cream shop if their girlfriends say 'I like chocolate flavour' and not to the chemist.

He shares his flat with DJ who has perfected the art of happy hour nights. To DJ, even an easy addition sum of 11 equals to 'happy hour'. And there's Bhaskar - cute, studious, nice guy, whose assignments everyone copies. He thinks no girl likes him and wants a girlfriend desperately.

Ronnie decides to help with his 10 rules, which when applied correctly can get anyone the girl of their dreams. Rules which are a sure short way of helping him get a girl. But the rules can also get them in trouble if they backfire and unleash the wrath of a woman scorned. Will his rules help them mount the pinnacle or will Ronnie fall short of expectations